Suspect in hit-and-run arrested in Cañon City arrested


Police in Canon City arrested a man for a hit-and-run accident that left a Craig teen-ager in critical condition.

George A. Largent, 45, was accompanied by his attorney when he turned himself in to police at 12:15 on Wednesday, said Cañon City Police Chief Daniel Shull.

Police had a warrant for Largent's arrest, which was based in part on an anonymous tip, Shull said. The warrant alleges Largent left the scene of the accident after the vehicle he was driving struck Megan Terrill, 16.

The accident was never reported. A newspaper carrier found Terrill lying in a ditch early Sunday morning.

Police charged Largent with leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and vehicular assault. Largent was released after he posted a $20,000 bond.

Police suspect alcohol contributed to the accident, but are still investigating, Shull said.

Terrill remains in a drug-induced coma in Pueblo's St. Mary Corwin hospital. She suffered multiple injuries, including a broken femur and head trauma.

"They're waiting for her brain swelling to go down and then they'll bring her out of the coma and see how she does," said Mike Terrill, Megan's father.

Mike Terrill has been sitting beside his daughter's hospital bed, speaking to Megan in low tones, careful not to stimulate her too much, because that could worsen her condition.

"That's where I'm staying until she walks out of here," Mike Terrill said. "If she ever does."

The person who hit Megan Terrill, "knocked her completely out of her shoes and left her for dead," Mike Terrill said.

The father was upset that Largent was released for only $20,000.

Mike Terrill said he's overwhelmed and devastated.

"I adopted Megan when she was 2, and she's been with me ever since," Mike Terrill said. "She's the most beautiful girl in the world and right now she's fighting the ultimate battle for her life."

Police located Largent's Chevy Tahoe in the rugged backcountry in the southwest part of Freemont County, Shull said. The vehicle showed signs of the damage police were looking for, Shull said.

At about 8 p.m. on Tuesday, police towed the truck to Cañon City. Crime scene technicians from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation began working the vehicle Wednesday, hoping to recover hair fibers or other evidence, Shull said.

The vehicle that hit Terrill left behind part of its right front headlight assembly. Police found a manufacturer's number printed on the part. It helped them identify the type of vehicle and a range of dates when the automobile might have been made.

Police generated a computerized list of possible vehicles. They were especially looking for a vehicle that was pewter or gray in color, Shull said. Police found a bracket at the scene that showed signs of gray paint.

Largent's vehicle is red, "with a big stripe down the side, pewter in color," Shull said.

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