"Should local officials fight wilderness designations in Moffat County."


Sherma Ray
It has been said that "the people will leave, but the land will still be here, and the land will replenish itself if the people manage it wisely."
Wilderness designations in Moffat County could shut down a lot of the hunting in Northwest Colorado. This in turn would affect tourism in this part of the state.
Hunting is a really big business in Moffat County, but I doubt if you have very many people from out of the state that want to be limited to no motorized transportation to help hunt and transport their trophy out of the area they choose to hunt.
There will be people that will say 'But you walk in, walk out, that would be great.'
That would be wonderful for the few. But do we really want to limit our public land use to the minority instead of the majority.
We can use the land, and use it wisely. A wilderness designation could put undo stress on our economy; this is something we really cannot afford.

Tami Fager
"Protecting our wildlife and the land is important, however, in this case I would say that the county should fight wilderness designation.
From what I understand, most of the land that they are wanting to designate as "wilderness areas" are now used as recreational, grazing, hunting and outdoor sports. All of these activities support our economy. Without them Moffat County would suffer a huge economic loss. People utilize these areas for motor cross racing, hunting, horseback riding, and multiple outdoor activities. If these areas were to become designated wilderness areas, residents and visitors would no longer be able to utilize the land for those purposes. That would be an incredible loss for our area.

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