Resident says informationabout recall meeting incorrect


To the Editor:

I feel that I must respond to the red-flagged citizen's comments, to wit: FLAG AT HALF MAST.

I think that Ms. Orgolioso's comments about the first meeting at Shadow Mountain were wrong in that when that meeting occurred, we made sure to tell the public that it was an informative meeting only. We also stated that if they had any questions about anything to go to the department heads with their questions. I think that the Concerned Taxpayers of Moffat County were very forthcoming with all the information that we communicated.

Also, for her information, Mr. Hathhorn and I have been to many of the BOCC meetings where we have had input on the situation. Sadly, I have NEVER seen Ms. Orgolioso at any of the meetings that I have attended. People need to realize that it is very hard to change things when nobody seems to be listening.

I hope that Ms. Orgolioso had some ideas and solutions about the situation that we (Moffat County) find ourselves in; otherwise, she shouldn't criticize what she is not willing to fix.

Lolly Hathhorn,

Concerned Taxpayer of Moffat County

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