Eighth-grade orientation eases transition


By Paula Duzik

MCHS Guidance Counselor

Often times, students are excited yet nervous about coming to high school for their freshman year. uch of this anxiety can be lessened with information and a few friendly faces.
The eighth-graders will soon be involved in an orientation at the high school to help make the transition from middle school to high school a smooth and enjoyable one for both the student and his or her parents. ecently, parents of eighth-graders should have eceived a letter from the high school as to when they will meet with their student's high school advisor to plan classes for the next year.
Today, a two-hour orientation for eighth-graders at MCHS will consist of informative sessions where students will learn all about the high school including the layout of the building, what extracurricular activities are offered, as well as some tips on ow to be successful as a freshman. tudents will also be able to meet he administrators, eachers, and student leaders. t the end of the orientation, each student will receive a curriculum guide, schedule worksheet, and precollegiate information to take home and share with his or her parent in order to choose classes for the following year.
During the orientation, students will also receive an activity book. This will explain each club, sport, and organization that MCHS has to offer to students. An activity fair designed especially for incoming freshmen will also be held on from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at MCHS. This is a great time to meet the sponsors and representatives from each activity. Freshmen are highly encouraged to get involved in some form of activity at the high school as this will ease the transition from middle school, will be a great way to make new friends and will be a positive step toward uccess in high school.

Also, on March 9 and March 11 MCHS advisors will meet with the incoming freshmen as well as parents. The specific time and date is noted in the letter parents received prior. During this time, students will make their schedule as well as sign up for activities and any questions can be answered.
After this orientation process, we at the high school hope to have replaced ome of those freshman jitters with excitement for the upcoming year. f you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MCHS Guidance Office at 824-7036.

Class of 2008 Registration Timeline

March 4 - Orientation at MCHS

March 9 - Activity Fair 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at MCHS

March 9 and 11 - Students and parents meet with MCHS advisors at Craig Middle School .

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