Woman says she was 'confused' during alleged trespass

Police suspect woman was on drugs when she allegedly walked into residents home, behaved 'hysterically'


A woman who said she just knocked on the wrong door appeared in District Court Monday to face felony trespassing charges.

Carolyn Conn, 44, appeared without a lawyer in her third court appearance since her arrest Feb. 9. She had not made application for a public defender or arranged private counsel and did not seem to comprehend what's at stake.

"I'm supposed to be leaving town," Conn told Judge Paul R. McLimans, "but I can't take my dogs on the bus." Conn explained that she didn't have her driver's license, so she couldn't use a car to leave town.

"I don't really care about that, ma'am," McLimans said. "I don't care about your dogs or where your driver's license is."

McLimans explained to the woman that she was looking at a very serious charge: first-degree criminal trespassing.

"I just knocked on the door," Conn said.

Conn was arrested after David Andujo called police to report that a strange woman "walked into his home and started freaking out," according to documents.

Andujo allegedly woke up to find Conn standing in his living room.

Andujo said, "You're in the wrong house," according to court documents.

Conn allegedly was bumping into furniture and acting hysterically. At one point, she took off her jacket, threw it on the floor and jumped away from it like there was something wrong with it, court documents allege.

Andujo told police the whole incident "scared the hell out of him."

Police suspect Conn was high on methamphetamine.

Staff at the Moffat County Jail came to the same conclusion, although Conn did not submit to a drug test.

But for four days, she raged in the jail. She screamed obscenities and ranted day and night, jailers said.

Conn's initial court advisement was delayed for days while the jail staff let her calm down, the jail administrator said.

"I felt she was under the influence of methamphetamine," Craig Police Officer Jeffrey Carlson wrote in the arrest report. He based his conclusion on his observations of the suspect and his "prior knowledge of her use of illegal narcotics."

Carlson said he found Conn wearing boxer shorts, a T-shirt, slippers and a jacket that was only buttoned once at the top.

"The temperature at the time of contact was approximately 16 degrees," Carlson reported.

Conn agreed to apply for the public defender and return to court March 29 to enter a plea. She faces up to three years in prison if convicted of the Class 5 felony.

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