Recall effort sets off red flags for Moffat County resident


To the Editor:

I have intuitions, thoughts and opinions about both sides of the recall. Sure we all have. I've also had concerns for the Craig community as well. I emphasize community, not budget or politics, and I guess as a community, we'll see how it all processes out.

The only purpose for this letter right now is to share a haunting memory, for I think it has cautionary value.

I'll never forget the time of the first recall several months ago. I went to what I thought was a public meeting, a democratic process for all sides to discourse, the opportunity to respond.

What happened instead was the public was asked by Mrs. (Lolly) Hathhorn, to sit and listen to four recall speakers who would each have five minutes, no questions or comments were allowed! The only democratic piece to the evening was we were permitted and welcomed to put our thoughts on a piece of paper and place them by the door in a box on the way out after listening to the 20 minute presentation.

Several from Dinosaur and Browns Park had made a 180-mile round trip just to be told to sit and listen -- period.

This kind of attitude is pretty scary to me and not a healthy way to do business; a poor way to solve problems in a community.

There have been other red flags, such as the contradiction of Stan Hathhorn's self-serving statement that the county's cost of $20,000 for a recall was a "drop in the bucket" and the fact I never saw him trying to hammer out solutions with elected officials or citizens at the county meetings I've attended.

Still the bottom line for me is the experience I had where no one was welcome to participate at an organized get together and several had made sacrifices to be there.

Thank you.

Sandy Orgoglioso,

Moffat County

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