Letters: Thanks for article on assisted-living facilities


Thanks for article

on assisted-living facilities

To the editor:

I wish to thank you for printing the excellent article on why the two assisted-living facilities in Craig had to drop their Medicaid licensure.

From census data, only about 10 percent of retirees in Craig are receiving $30,000-plus per year. With Rainbow's private pay charges beginning at about $25,000 a year, 90 percent of the retired elderly in Craig must start spending their savings to live there. When they have less than $2,000 in savings, they can get Medicaid, but now they must move to our local nursing home.

Perhaps I'll change our name from Rainbow Living Centers to Rainbow Lodge. We are not the hopeless end of all things, as some view nursing homes. Instead, we would like our residents to think of themselves as on a vacation. A vacation is where you get a change of scenery and everything is done for you that you do not wish to do yourself. Sounds like Rainbow Lodge to me. No more housekeeping chores or cooking with danger of burns, no more worries about whether I took my medicine or how I get to the doctor's office. No more safety issues -- steep stairs or lack or fire sprinkler systems. All this in a cared-for environment with trees, lawns, decks and swings, vegetable and flower gardens and two cats (Sam and Frisky) thrown in for good measure. If not heaven, it's as least a vacation. Attitude goes a long way to making a stay at an assisted-living facility enjoyable.

Finally, families should plan ahead to pitch in financially to help cover costs when their fathers or mothers decide to move to an assisted-living facility. To take some of the burden off their children, the sons and daughters should be taking out long-term care insurance while in their 40s through their 60s. It is a newly available leg on your stool of financial independence in your late retirement years. Check any old policies, because many are just for nursing homes. We have found this to be true to the sorrow of our residents and families.

Diane and I really hate having our Medicaid license dropped because from our beginning in 1989, we have wanted to serve all of Craig rather than part. Though we often are confused and lately discouraged, the Father and Son through their Spirit is with the business and in us.

Bob and Diane Grubb

Owners, Rainbow Living Center

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