Toddler survives fall from third-story apartment window


A toddler suffered no major injuries after falling from third-story window at Columbine Apartments Sunday.

The 2-year-old boy landed on a second-floor balcony, said Craig Police Sgt. Marvin Cameron. The boy fell about 12 to 14 feet, Cameron said.

The boy was conscious and crying at the scene, and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. He was not seriously injured, Cameron said.

The boy had been playing with his older sister on a set of bunk beds near a window, Cameron said.

The boy was on the lower bunk when he opened the window, pushed out the screen and fell to the balcony below.

Dispatchers advised the parents to keep the child immobilized to prevent the possibility of causing injury to the boy's neck or back.

Cameron said no legal action was taken against the parents. He suggested that they move the bunk bed and install a lock on the window.

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