At election time, we all count


This week the Craig Daily Press begins a project that it hopes will challenge all Moffat County residents.
We're calling it the "Your Vote Counts" project and the challenge is to make voting in this year's primary and general election a matter of crucial importance for every eligible voter in the county.
The impetus for this project was when we looked back at the voter turnout in 2000, the year of the last presidential election. Turnout in the county was 59 percent, a number that suggests that not enough citizens were engaged in our democratic process.
At a time when our nation is at war, and soldiers are dying to give Iraqis the right of free elections, it is important that we don't dismiss that right at home.
Every Tuesday until Election Day, Nov. 2, we'll examine some aspect of voting in Moffat County -- from the reasons people say their vote doesn't matter, to local initiatives aimed at increasing voter turnout to summaries of candidates' political platforms.
We've enlisted the help of some guest columnists to illuminate why they cherish their right to vote and why you should too.
In the next edition of the Saturday Morning Press, we'll include a poster reminding Moffat County residents that their vote counts.
We hope civic groups, businesses and government agencies will display the posters and encourage their friends, customers and neighbors to exercise their right to vote.
We hope that over the coming weeks, we can help our readers gain, or perhaps regain, an appreciation for why voting truly matters.
-- Andy Smith, editor

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