A big thank you for help in a time of need


To the editor:

After our June 12 emergency, we would like to thank the many fine people involved with giving assistance to Rose in this much-unanticipated situation.

Starting with the 911 operator, who quickly dispatched and communicated thoroughly with the emergency crews and then continued to stay on the line with a comforting voice and encouragement, we thank you.

Thanks goes to Travis with the Craig Police Department, for his very quick response and soothing words. We thank the EMTs, Richard and Dave, for their swift action, caring assistance and determination with their treatment.

Thanks also goes to the firefighters who responded so quickly and gave much-needed assistance to the ambulance staff. Sorry, we do not know all of the firefighters names, but you were noticed!

Thanks also to Skip and Todd with the Sheriff's Office for their quick response and assistance to the situation. Our county has a super emergency response group and we appreciate all their time and efforts they put in to learn the latest and best procedures.

We want to thank the emergency room staff for their quick and caring attitude. Special thanks goes to Dr. Andre Huffmire for her decisions, attention to details, determination in finding a solution and her continued care.Thanks very much to all the staff at The Memorial Hospital who gave their great care and kindness, Art, Ivy, James, Patti and others behind the scene. Thanks also goes to the efficient, professional staff with St. Mary's Air Life Helicopter.

We want to send special thanks to Mike and Teresa Rhodes and Kurt and Elaine Gray who so kindly kept the home front in order during and after Rose's hospitalization. Many, many thanks goes to our family and friends who were there with their support, who called or visited, kept us in their prayers, sent cares, flowers or food. We can't thank you enough. We know the Lord was working through all individuals involved and has given us strength for a promising future. May God bless everyone.

Dennis and Rose Siminoe

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