Board approves moving ahead on alternative school


A partnership between the Boys and Girls Club of Craig and the Moffat County School District to form an alternative school was touted as a win-win situation for the entire community.

The Board of Education gave school district staff the go ahead to spend $15,000 to renovate a portion of the National Guard Armory for a learning center and technology lab. The school district will have rent-free use of the facility in exchange for donating about 380 man-hours of the maintenance crew's time-- about $10,000 worth -- to construct rooms that can be used by alternative school students during the day and by Boys & Girls Club in the afternoons.

"We share very similar visions as far as what we're trying to do for the kids in Moffat County," Superintendent Pete Bergmann said of the partnership.

Minor construction changes will join two rooms into a very effective classroom space, school district Director of Facilities Mike Taylor said. In addition, Twentymile Coal Company donated 15 Dell computers to the Boys & Girls Club, which will be placed in the technology lab for use by both alternative school students and club members.

That contribution saves the school district at least $15,000, Bergmann said.

The two entities will split an estimated $30,000 in construction costs, which include electrical installation, carpet, a fire safety system and furniture.

"I think it's going to be a quality product, benefiting both programs and very conducive to an educational environment," Taylor said.

Taylor said he can find the money for the district's share of the costs.

"I feel comfortable we can come up with the money we need within the budget we already have just by altering some projects we already have in the budget," Taylor said.

School administrators have made launching the alternative school their top priority this summer and have budgeted $80,000 to fund it.

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