Sales tax revenue increases again in April


The Craig City Council's spending is outpacing revenue -- but not by much.

This week, Finance Director Bruce Nelson released the April finance report, which charts the city's sales-tax collections.

Revenues are sent to the state in the month after the month of sales and passed on to the city a month later.

April's figures indicate revenue has reached 33 percent of what's expected in 2004 and expenditures are at 38 percent of projections.

Year-to-date revenue is at $2,085,621, and expenditures are at $2,697,681.

The good news is that expenditures are within budgeted parameters, and the city's revenue exceeded what was expected for the third consecutive month, Nelson said.

Sales tax revenue for April was $196,622.78, the highest since December and 8.42 percent more than 2003 collections.

December traditionally brings the highest state revenues for the city, with June not far behind.

April's numbers also show the biggest increase in the number of sales-tax dollars collected by the county and allocated to the city.

More than $66,000 made it into city coffers last April, $9,000 less than this April -- a 13.35 percent increase.

An increase in county sales tax has been charted every month this year.

The city's 2004 budget calls for a 3.9 percent decrease in revenue and city department heads were asked to maintain flat operational budgets.

The city dug into its reserves for capital projects.

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