Council makes exception to city curb requirements


Whether the Craig City Council will "modernize" its curb and gutter installation requirements was not decided Tuesday night, but officials did agree that a change is warranted.

The council voted unanimously to approve engineering and construction plans for a new subdivision west of town even though the proposed curbs don't meet city specifications.

Jay Oxley and Mike Anson, developers of the Overlook Subdivision located near the Ridgeview Subdivision, said many Colorado towns are allowing installation of the same type of curb they're proposing.

The modified 4-inch rollback curb proposed differs from the city's required 6-inch straightback curb in the amount of water it can hold and it's more difficult to plow, although it provides better for future development because it doesn't require a curb cut for a driveway. That way, the lot's future owner can determine how to position a home instead of being bound by what's already in place.

City Engineer Bill Earley said as long as storm drainage is adequate, the modified curb was sufficient, but accepting the proposal was setting a precedent.

"My job is to enforce the standard," he said. "I don't have the authority to give any leeway from the standard.

By adopting this, we're kind of changing our standards and we have a lot of subdivision requests coming up."

There are several types of curbs constructed throughout Craig.

City officials have been working -- wherever feasible -- to replace non-conforming sites and standardize them.

The standard was adopted in 1983 and Councilor Bill Johnston suggested revamping it to meet current construction technology.

In other business, the council:

n Awarded a bid for $45,838 to Precision Excavating for the city's 2004 curb and gutter construction and replacement program.

n Approved an agreement with Toby Spikes, owner of Action Motor Sports, allowing him to post a bond that would pay for parking and landscaping improvements if those improvements aren't completed within 120 days.

.n Approved an amended agreement with the Colorado River Water Conservation District and the owners of the Craig Station Power Plant on the Elkhead Reservoir enlargement.

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