CIS fifth-graders rave about their favorite books


'The Great Gilly Hopkins'

Book Review
Do you enjoy books about tough girls who can beat up older boys? You should read "The Great Gilly Hopkins" by Katherine Paterson. This book is about a girl name Gilly Hopkins who is an orphan. She gets a new guardian named Trotter who is really fat and a religious fanatic. Trotter has another foster child named William Ernest and there is a man next door who comes over every night for dinner named Mr. Randolph. Gilly hates her new foster home and makes an attempt to go away forever.
One of the events that interested me was when Gilly stole a basketball away from some boys at school. The boys then started to chase her. When the boys caught her they jumped on her and started a fight, but Gilly won.
Another event that caught my eye was when Gilly made a paper airplane for William Ernest. William took the plane without question and threw it. When he threw it, he said "Pow" really loud, and Gilly thought that was pretty cool.
Pretty much the last event that caught my eye, Gilly was cleaning Mr. Randolph's bookcase. She pulled out a book called Sarsaparilla to Sorcery because she liked the title. She then opened the book to find two $5 bills. I liked this book because you could never guess what would happen next. I recommend this book to anyone who likes books about bad kids who do bad things.

'Into the Land of Unicorns'

Book Review
Have you ever been in a world that you didn't even know existed? Cara, the main character, travels to a new world by jumping off a tall building. When she gets to the new world, she meets a delver that attacks her. Then a hairy dimblethum saves her. She meets a unicorn that heals her from a terrible pain. This happened in the book "Into the Land of Unicorns" by Bruce Coville.
When the story begins, Cara and her grandmother are getting chased through a church by a hunter. Cara's grandmother tells her to go to the top of the church, then jump off the tall steeple on the 12th ring of the bell. Most important, the grandmother tells Cara not to let go of the necklace or she will not enter an amazing place. "Don't forget to find the old one."
At the beginning of the book, after she enters the amazing world, the dimblethum saves her from the delver, and takes her to a cave. She falls asleep and the dimblethum leaves to find food. After she awakes, she sees a unicorn standing out in the cave entrance.
The last event is when Cara saves the dimblethum from the delvers. The delvers hang the dimblethum on a large wooden pole by his hands as they carry him through the woods. Cara saves him by sneaking behind the dimblethum and cutting with a knife the rope that connects him to the large pole.
This is one of my favorite books because I like fantasy stories. I recommend this book to someone who likes unicorns and fantasy creatures.

'George's Marvelous Medicine'

Book Review
If you like comedy, mischief and anything along that line, "George's Marvelous Medicine" is just the book for you. This book is about a boy who is babysat by his grandma. George's grandma is a really grouchy person, unlike most old people. She is always telling George what to do, which can get a little annoying.
One event in this book is when George is told by his grandma that he cannot forget to give her medicine at exactly 11 a.m. This gives George the idea of making his own medicine for his grandma. He goes around the house looking for things to put in his medicine. He ends up finding things like shoe polish, paint, motor oil and animal pills.
Another event in the book is when he gives his medicine to his grandma. When she gets the medicine, she flies up in the air for a good 20 seconds. Another effect was when she felt like she was on fire. The final effect was that she grew taller and taller and pretty soon her head was in George's room.
The final event was when they started to feed the medicine to the animals. He only did this because earlier in the book his grandma said that she had magic powers. George showed her that she was wrong by giving it to the animals. It ended up that the animals had the same reaction. I like this book because it's funny and not a bore. I would recommend this book to Michael Samuelson.

'The Great Gilly Hopkins'

Book Review
Do you like drama and comedy? In "The Great Gilly HopkinsÃ: by Katherine Paterson, there's a lot of both. A foster child named Gilly has moved from foster parent to foster parent. But this time she ended up staying at the Trotters' house for awhile.
At the very beginning of the book, Gilly writes a letter to her mom telling her how bad it was at the Trotters. But when her mom writes back, she doesn't write to Gilly, she writes to Gilly's grandmother. When her grandma comes to get her, Gilly decides that she likes the Trotters after all, but her grandma makes her go.
When Gilly's grandma came the first time, everybody was sick (Mr. Rogers, the blind man next door; William Ernest, a different foster child and Maime Trotter, the foster parent). They were each sick with a high fever. While Gilly and her grandma were talking, William came downstairs. William said he tried to call Gilly before, but it was too late (he wet his pants), which scared the grandma.
In another event, when Gilly was there at the beginning with Mrs. Trotter, she decided that she was going to steal money from Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers asked Gilly to pick a poem book from his house. Gilly reached up to grab a book on a high shelf and pulled down money with the book that she took. She did it another time when Mrs. Trotter took Mr. Rogers to the market. I think this is one of the best books I've ever read because it keeps leading you on. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes drama and comedy.

'From the Mixed Up Files of Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler'

Book Review
If you like mysteries, complications, and art read "From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" by E.L. Konigsburg. This book is about two kids who run away from home. They go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They find an angel and do research on it. One event that happens is that Jamie tells Claudia that he has $24, which is a lot of money in the 1980s. Jamie has to buy the tickets for them to go to New York. They hide in the back of the bus to get to the train.
Once they get to New York, they decide to look around the museum. At closing time, they hide in the bathroom. After they get out of the stalls, they go to sleep under a bed.
The angels get transported to the museum and Jamie and Claudia try to figure everything they can about it. They go to the library to figure out who made the statue. They find out Michelangelo made the statue.
All in all, I liked this book and you will, too. I recommend this book to boys or girls who hate their lives and want to run away.

The Fairy Rebel

Have you ever talked to a fairy? In "The Fairy Rebel" by Lynne Reid Banks, Jan is a hurt actress who retired because of an accident. A few years later, Jan meets a fairy named Tiki when she is out in her garden under the fruit tree. Tiki and Jan become very good friends and meet each other in Jan's garden every day.
One day Jan said she wanted a child very much. Tiki starts getting ideas and helps Jan by using magic. Jan has a baby that is half fairy and half human. Tiki isn't supposed to help humans, use magic to help them, or grant humans' wishes. The Fairy Queen finds out about it and punishes Tiki for the magic. Jan and Charlie, Jan's husband, save Tiki. I liked this book because it makes fairies seem real. I would recommend it to anyone.

'Princess Diaries'

By Krista Shaffer
Book Review
How would you like to be a princess? In this book, "Princess Diaries," by Meg Cabot, a girl, Mia, thinks she's a normal person, nothing special. One day, Mia's dad comes to visit and tells her she is a princess.
In one event, Mia gets upset and runs off. Mia goes to the zoo and stays there for quite a while. While she's there, she writes in her journal. Mia goes home after awhile. Her mom and dad are very upset with her because she has been gone for so long. Mia tries getting out of her lecture. The next day, Mia's mom tells her that she's going on a date with her algebra teacher. Mia tries not to show she's upset about it. Mia really does not want to go home that night and ends up spending the night at her best friend's house.
To find out more about Mia's adventures, you will have to read this book. I like this book because I can understand how Mia is feeling. I would recommend this book to others because it's easy to relate to and it's funny.

'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

By Dustin Carlson
Book Review
If you like adventure books, this is the book for you. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling, the newest book in this series, is a good adventure. Harry Potter is a famous wizard because of the scar on his forehead. He goes to Hogwarts, a school for warlocks and witches, to learn how to do magic. The problem in this book is that Harry Potters tries to save Jenny, one of the Weasleys. In one event, Harry Potter has to fight a big huge snake so he can save Jenny. Harry Potter got bit by a snake. Harry stabbed the snake with a sword.
In another event Harry beat Tom Riddle, which is Voldemort's son. Harry stabbed Tom Riddle's book with the tooth that was bit into Harry Potter.
Potter beat Malfoy in a spell cast challenge. First Malfoy took the first cast. When Harry took the next one, Malfoy did the splits. I like this book because it has magic and flying brooms. I would recommend this book to Austin Lee.

'The Dancing Cats of Applesap'

Book Review
Have you ever lost something that was very important to you or important to someone else? In "The Dancing of Cats of Applesap" by Janet Taylor Lisle, the main character, Melba, is going to lose her hangout if she doesn't think of a plan quick. When she finally figures out a plan, it just makes things worse. The 100 cats that live in the store are sent to the pound. Miss Toonie, the manager, and Mr. Jiggs, the owner, end up having no job and barely having any money to live.
Melba is a very shy girl who gets "jitters" all the time. I bet you don't know what the "jitters" are. They have to do with your nervous system. A person freezes and gets all tongue twisted. Melba gets the jitters all the time, but when she hangs out at Jiggs' she is less likely to have jitters. Melba has an older brother.
He is mean, selfish and completely opposite of Melba. In the book, there is a gopher that lives in the back yard. Her brother and his friends plan to kill the gopher. Melba's first plan to save Jiggs' was to have a march. I liked this book a lot of because it always kept you tied in.
I would recommend this book to anyone that likes cats, grumpy old people and a good book!

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