Senior Spotlight


It's summertime and the rain is a showin'. There is lots of mud! But our gardens are a growin'.
How about last weekend? Between rains, (I got caught) I managed to go to some yard sales, Whittle the Wood, a wedding anniversary, part of an outdoor wedding, a birthday dinner, Kmart and so on. I do think we can do anything we want to regardless of the weather or -- in spite of it -- up to a certain point, of course.
We had full house at Sunset Meadows I potluck June 18. Our guests included Gale and Lois Acuff, Shirley Brand, Gayle Griffin, Mary Fleming, Jessie Easterly, Ruby Wright, Nancy Muhme, Deena Armstrong, Jane Sheilds, Jamie Muhme, Anita Holdridge, and Shirley Stehle. Earl and Beulah Kline and guests enjoyed the Klines' wedding anniversary after the potluck. Flo and Hiriam Holdridge will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Wednesday, which also happens to be Flo's birthday. Their daughter Anita is visiting. The Mustang Club Meeting is at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Sunset Meadows.
McDonald's Senior Birthday Breakfast is Wednesday. The Last Frontier meeting is at 1:30 p.m. at Sunset Meadows on Saturday.
The AARP meeting is on Monday at Sunset Meadows I. Get well wishes to Veda Stone. Any of the rest of you have news to share? Call or come see me.
Mary Jo

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