Library board gives staff raises


Moffat County Library Board members approved a 3 percent raise in employees' pay and took care of other odds and ends at Monday's meeting.
They put off larger issues such as seeking independence from the county until their next meeting.
In January, other county employees received a raise while budget concerns led the library board to hold off at that time. Donna Watkins, library director, said she'd promised to bring the issue back up if the budget could withstand it and Monday that's exactly what she did. The board unanimously approved the raise.
Watkins, who seemed pleased about the board's action, was not so pleased with a recent commissioner mandate regarding purchase orders. With the new mandate, Watkins said she would have to spend more time at the courthouse entering the approximately 25 to 30 purchase orders that the library processes each week.
"The new purchase order system will taken an inordinate amount of time," she said, adding that the inconvenience is not her biggest concern.
One of the cost-saving things Watkins said she's done in the past is shop at the base exchange/post exchange and commissary at Fort Carson and Buckley Air Force Base Those truckload sales are one way the library has really saved money, she said.
Another issue with library purchase orders is that although staff make them out for the publisher's price, libraries receive numerous discounts which they can't predict before the invoice comes in, Watkins said.
Reconciling the differences between what is paid and the purchase orders, might prove to be a hassle.
The board also voted unanimously to formally request from the county commissioners that an official name change to Moffat County Libraries with the branch names to follow.
Though this is the name that has been used for a boost five years, it is not yet legal, said Board President David Longwell.
In the larger issue of independence from the county, Linda Booker of the public relations committee recommended that there be a full consensus of the board before any action is taken.
"This is going to be a toughie. It's a big, big deal," Booker said, adding that if one or two board members are not fully on board, then the whole effort could fail.
The board decided to discuss the matter of consensus at the next board meeting, 5:30 p.m. July 19 at at the Craig branch.

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