Grandfathers stand test of time


Once a year, fathers across America are honored with a special day just for them. But for many dads, the day also includes special attention from their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Grandfathers and great-grandfathers have generations of parental advice under their belts, as well as a special love for each member of their continuously expanding families.
For Don Seick, 79, and George Riffel, 75, the upcoming holiday will mark 108 combined Father's Days they have seen.
They boast seven children, 14 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren between them.
"They are always special, each one," Riffel said.
One of his favorite memories with his grandchildren is when they would come to visit him at his ranch.
"When they were little bitty guys we would put 'em in the four-wheel drives and let 'em loose. That's where they learned to drive. They had lots of fun," Seick said.
He also recalls a special granddaughter with whom he used to go hunting. "She was a great shot -- a fantastic hunter," he boasted.
Today Seick has restricted vision and is nearly blind, but he loves to go fishing with his 3-year-old great grandson at Loudy Simpson Park.
"(The kids) watch out for me; they take care of me," Seick said.
As Riffel discussed what he was going to do this Father's Day, he said he knew he was going to get a Father's Day card from a special niece.
"I'm her famous uncle," Riffel said. "Ever since she was 4, she took a liking to me. She still comes and visits and sends cards on every holiday."
After years of welcoming new additions to the family, it doesn't matter if they are granddaughters or grandnieces, the great-grandfathers agreed.
Each new baby, Seick said, "fits into the family and becomes part of the unit. Everybody has their own space."
Both have family either in Craig or Moffat County, and feel they are lucky to see them often.
Seick joked that the best part of being with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren is that "you can call their parents and tell them to come get this damn kid!"

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