Dog lover opens business in her home


Name: Kathy Harkner

Name of business and its address: Kathy's Kanine Klips, 810 E. 10th St., Craig, 824-2105.

What prompted you to open your business in Craig? I did child care for years. My mother, Gladys Kling, had a massive stroke and came to live with us. She loved the kids and child care allowed me to stay home with her also. After Mom passed away in November 2000, I decided I needed to do something different. So, I decided to go into working with something I love just as much as kids ... dogs. I have five Shar-Peis of my own.

How did you get into your line of business? I took a class to get a certification. I started out working for some other groomers, but working for other groomers made me decide I wanted to do this differently, so I pursued my license to open a business in the basement of my home. I am a homebody really, and I enjoy working from home.

Describe your philosophy of being a good businesswoman: Be honest. Be fair and enjoy what you are doing.

How do you define the role of your business in the community? There is more than enough work in Craig. Good groomers are always needed. I think we provide a needed, necessary service to the community and for the dogs. When a dog comes in that hasn't been groomed in a while you can watch the dog's personality change before your eyes. The more you groom, the more different they become. Dogs love the attention. They love to be pretty, too. People will say to me that they act like a different dog when they get home.

What's the best part of your job?

The different people, the variety of the dogs. Getting to know them. Satisfied customers have got to be the best part of the job. I don't even kennel the dogs. They sit on the couch and watch TV with us until their owners come.

What's the most challenging part of your job? When a dog wants a piece of you! We just work through it. You cannot treat violence with violence, I believe that. I win them over, and before they leave, here I am getting kisses.

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