Letter to the sheriff


Letter to the sheriff

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Moffat County Sheriff Buddy Grinstead.

When I e-mailed you expressing my concerns on the matter of you hiring your son and the disrespect you gave to our county commissioners by telling them to mind their own business, I was just expressing my constitutional right to speak out.

But in your e-mail that you sent me you said, "Thanks for your input. I wonder if everyone would consider your input if they knew your background like I do. Have a nice day."

I didn't know I was breaking the law, Mr. Grinstead. I have thought a lot on this matter and how to write this letter. I guess that asking you to step down would not be right because we all make mistakes, and like it says in the Bible, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." So I pray that you understand that the county commissioners and the people of Moffat County are your boss and your business is our business because we voted you into office.

We deserve your respect and honesty to lead us and protect us. Don't let freedom of speech die. Don't let our soldiers die for nothing.

E.C. Day


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