CIS fifth-graders review their favorite books


Ella Enchanted
book review
Do you want a book that is truly enchanted? If so, you will want to read "Ella Enchanted" by Gail C. Levine. Ella is under a spell that makes her do whatever she is commanded to do. People throughout the story order her to do simple chores, so that they don't have to do them themselves. People even command her how to feel. No one understands what it is like to be under the curse that she is under. This story is about Ella's struggles with love and friendship.
Prince Char holds three balls at which he has to find a wife. One event in the book is the prince's first ball where Ella calls herself Lena to hide from her stepsisters. All because Ella's stepsisters are jealous of her beauty.
Then, Ella has to leave the ball at midnight or her carriage will turn into a pumpkin.
Later, after the last ball, Char asks Ella to marry him. Ella is commanded to say "yes," by her stepmother. Ella breaks the curse and refuses.
At the last ball, Hattie, Ella's stepsister, pulls off "Lena's" mask and Char sees that it is Ella. Ella runs out crying with her hands covering her face. Prince Char is surprised to see that Lena was really Ella. In order to find out what happens, read "Ella Enchanted."
Personally, I loved this book because it made me laugh. It was a love story and I could relate to Ella. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes magic, wonder and comedy.
Dinosaurs Before Dark
Book Review
Have you ever wanted to visit the dinosaurs' time? In a great book written by Mary Pope Osborne, "Dinosaurs Before Dark," Jack and Annie find a magic tree house in the Frog Creek Woods in Pennsylvania. They find a whole lot of books in the tree house. There is a really cool one about dinosaurs. Jack and Annie decide to go back to the Jurassic time.
In one event, they find a Pterandon. Jack thinks it looks like a glider plane. Annie named it Henry after their neighbor's dog. Henry saves Jack's life.
Another event is when they run into a Triceratops as big as a truck. It also eats huge flowers. The Triceritops has three huge horns on its head.
Jack almost gets killed by a huge T-Rex. The T-Rex is trying to get a meal.
Then it sees Jack. Jack almost gets killed. I really liked this book because it had dinosaurs in it. I recommend this book to anyone who likes dinosaurs.

The Lost Kitten
Book Review
If you like kittens, this will be the book for you. "The Lost Kitten" is by Susan Lay. On her way to the store, Jody saw a kitten almost get hit by a car. Jody's parents had to take the kitten to the vet. Her parents said she had to wait three weeks before she could keep the kitten. Three people looked at the kitten and it was not theirs. She was tired of waiting. Jody got to keep the kitten and they named her Princess. If you like kittens, this book will be the book for you.

The Twits
Book Review
I like to play pranks on my brother and so do the Twits. They are married people that do mean pranks on each other. They are ugly, too.
One day, Mrs. Twit put worms in Mr. Twit's spaghetti. Mr. Twit's pay back on her was to put a frog in her bed while she was sleeping. Mrs. Twit was so mad that in the morning she puts an eye on Mr. Twit's mug.
I really like this book because it gave me good ideas for pranks to play on my brother. I recommend this book to whoever likes to do pranks on people.

Brian's Hunt
Book Review
Can you imagine having been trapped in the wilderness for a year and then going back? Read about it in "Brian's Hunt" by Gary Paulsen. Brian is the main character in the book.
He is back in the wilderness, but this time he is prepared. Brian has a recurve bow and arrows, fishing supplies, hatchet, and stuff to survive. The thing he wants most is matches.
One night he was sleeping in his canoe when he heard a dog whimpering.
The dog had a huge, deep, fainting slice from her neck down to her rear end. He stitches her up and takes her down the river to see what caused the cut. He got to the Cree family cabin. It was quiet. Brian noticed flies everywhere coming from the cabin. He went into the cabin and finds the dad ripped apart by a bear. Brian finds the rest of the Cree family, but all are dead except one little girl.
The rescue team comes for her. Brian gets mad and goes hunting for the bear. He is tracking the bear when the footprints come to a stop. Brian reaches a patch of tall grass. He looks behind him. The bear was actually hunting him.
To find out what happens reads this book. I normally don't like to read, but this book is one that I could not stop reading.
This is the best book I have read along with the other books by Gary Paulsen that have Brian in them. "Brian's Hunt" is the last book out of the four-part series. I like this book because it has great adventures and hunts and survival. I recommend this book to all readers.

Logan's Story
Book Review
Have you ever heard of a boy baby-sitter? I have! In "Logan's Story," Logan is a babysitter. "Logan's Story" is by Ann M. Martin and Logan likes to baby-sit. Being an associate member of the B.S.C. (Baby Sitters Club) means he can babysit when he wants too, and still have time for Mary Anne, his girlfriend, and sports.
But now the babysitters really need Logan. One of the members left for California, so there aren't enough babysitters left in the B.S.C. to carry the workload. Logan wouldn't mind taking on extra babysitting jobs, but he's busy trying out for the track team. He wants to be the best. The jocks are giving Logan a hard time for hanging out with girls and babies.
Logan doesn't want to let the babysitters down, but he's tired of being picked on! I like this book because I like babysitting. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to babysit.

Tales from the House of Bunnicula, It Came
From Under the Bed
Book Review
Most vampires suck blood, but his vampire is a rabbit and he sucks the juice out of vegetables. This rabbit's name is Bunnicula. He lives with two dogs. Their names are Howie, and Uncle Harold. He also lives with a boy named Pete. Howie, the dog, thinks that Bunnicula is a breathing, sucking vampire. Bunnicula and Howie do not get along at all.
In one event Howie accuses Bunnicula of sneaking into the kitchen and sucking juice out of the veggies.
Pete, the boy, has a lot of things under his bed including a teddy bear. He makes a potion, and drops it on the teddy bear. The potion makes it come alive. The Teddy Bear's name is Oops.
hen he eats things he gets bigger and bigger.
In another event, Oops the Teddy Bear, gets bigger and bigger as he eats the trash from the trash can. He almost ate Deliah, Howie's girlfriend.
A third event that happened in the story was when Pete didn't know what to do with Oops. Oops was too big!
I like this book because I really like animals.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery. To see what happens to the teddy bear read this book today!

Tonight on the Titanic
Book Review
Have you seen the movie "Titanic?" In the book "Tonight on the Titanic" by Mary Pope, Annie and Jack take a ride on the Titanic to break a spell. Annie loves going on adventures.
They have to free a dog, named Teddy, from a spell. Annie and Jack go to the magic tree house and wish to go to the Titanic. Jack and Annie hear the captain say to contact someone save to save them because the ship is going to sink. Annie and Jack warned people that the ship is going to sink. I like this book because it's about the Titanic and I like to the Titanic. I recommend this book to people that like magic.

The Slippery Slope
Book Review
Do you like books that have so much action and adventure that you feel the character's powers?
I, Eli, like those books and encourage you to read the greatest of all books, "The Slippery Slope." This book, "The Slippery Slope," is about three kids that lost beloved parents in a tragic fire. The two kids recently had their youngest sister, Sunny stolen by a greedy villain.
The eldest child, Violet, invents shoes to climb up a frozen waterfall. Violet saves Sunny but unfortunately falls into a river. One event is that Violet and Klaus are being stung by snow gnats. Snow gnats are little bugs that sting you.
If you get stung enough you can die. Another important event is Violet and Klaus meet a group of snow scouts.
Snow Scouts are a group of volunteers that go hike in the Mortmain Mountains every year. Violet and Klaus find them in a cave. The third event is where Count Olaf, the villain, traps the snow scouts.
He traps them by having trained crows lift a net when the snow scouts are standing on it.
The crows fly the net off the Mortmain Mountains and into the air. I thought the book was so good that even though it has 367 pages I would read it again. I recommend it to anybody who likes gloomy, adventure and action books.

The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt
Book Review
Do you like books that are about horses and that are adrenaline-packed? "The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt," by Walter Farley, has just that. While racing in a nighttime race Bonfire gets in an accident. Now, every time another horse passes him on the right, he gets spooked.
In one event they try to fix the problem by using a partial blind, but Bonfire could still see the horse passing him. Then they try a closed blind which Bonfire could only stand for 10 seconds.
So Henry goes to New York to find a man who can make a horse hood with an opening and closing eye cup.
Every time Henry and Alec go to exercise Bonfire everyone makes fun of Henry and Alec.
They make fun of them because they are used to seeing horses run at top speed. They just ignore everyone's comment, and go about their own businesses.
While racing in the Hambletonian, Bonfire is in the front, then drops to the back of the rest. Fighting for his head, Bonfire fights against the odds to get to the front.
Will Bonfire win the Hambletonian and the $105,000 prize?
I liked this book because every time I started to read it, I couldn't put it down. I would recommend it to anybody who likes horses in races.

A Glory of Unicorns
Book Review
Do you like books with all sorts of stories by many authors? If you do, you should read "A Glory of Unicorns," by Bruce Coville. These stories are written with great imagination. Every chapter is by a different author.This book is very exciting.
In one story, a boy got new wallpaper for his room.
It was magical. He captured a unicorn that came out of the wall. Another story is "The Ugly Unicorn." A blind woman finds a unicorn, in the forest of China. The unicorn takes her to a magical forest. It is so beautiful it can blind you. Katherine Coville is one of the authors of this book. She wrote the story "Story Hour." It's about a troll that captures a girl that just got married. The troll plans to take her soul. The unicorn comes to rescue her. I liked this book a lot because Bruce Coville is an expressive writer. I would recommend this book to kids like me who also like fantasy books.

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