Craig racers take wins

Street stock leader's steering 'turns' out a winner


Jaceson VanGrandt could have used an extra set of eyes Saturday at the Hayden Speedway.
The street stock racer had nearly lapped the field with seven laps to go of the main event, but lapping cars can sometimes be just as much of a challenge as chasing the leader.
"You have to pay attention to both the cars you are passing and the ones behind you," he said. "If you get crossed up by one in front then you can get caught from behind."
VanGrandt had enough of a lead he could have been crossed up a couple of times and probably still won.
He had lapped all but two cars and was on the tails of those two when the checkered flag came out for his main event at the Pro Stock Powerhouse.
VanGrandt credited his dominating performance to working out the kinks from the first two races in the season that had kept him from running at his best.
"That's what the beginning of the season is for," he said about getting his car in sync. "Now things are starting to come together."
VanGrandt led the whole race and most of his ability to open up the lead was in his navigation of the second turn, one that other drivers were having a hard time with.
"The track was a little rough and slick," he said. "I was able to get through those spots but I saw some of the other cars in my class sliding."
VanGrandt was one of two Craig drivers to win in the season's third race.
Gregg Kolbaba was the other local racer to win and in doing so he remained undefeated in the limited late model class. Kolbaba won the featured race of the night by holding off Doug Skroch, who left under yellow with a flat with four laps left and almost got back up front. Kolbaba and Skroch have now finished first and second in all three main events for the late models. Kolbaba was featured on the front of the program for the night because he was last year's Pro Stock winner, so he may have earned another program cover for next year.
The first main event was the closest title race of the night. Josh Anderson chased Earl "Tank" Hammond around the track for 17 laps. On the 11th lap Anderson ran into a car he was lapping and lost 40 yards on Hammond.
It appeared as if the orange mini version of the General Lee would take the title easily, but Anderson came back on Hammond's tail with five laps to go.
With three laps to go David O'Conor's No. 7 truck had flames coming from under the engine and a thick smoke followed him around the track. Hammond was crossed up in the smoke and Anderson took the lead with three to go at stayed there for the win. The super street class was combined with the late models for the second straight week because of low numbers. And for the second straight week Troy Goodson's only competition was the racers in the late models.
As always, the IMCA modified class was full of close racing. Despite the bumper-to-bumper action there were only two lead changes in the race.
Steve Harris took over the lead nine laps into the 20-lap race and held on for the win.
The guests of the night to the speedway were the mini sprints from Utah.
The tiny speedsters had a rough night as a class, only four cars made it to the final after several cars were put out of commission in the heat races. Burnie Hendrickson led after the 10th lap and was untouchable with the lead.
In total there were 37 cars to race in the main event of the Pro Stock Shootout.

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