Police led to stolen motorcycle

An accident Friday helps a Thornton Police Department case


A motorcycle accident late Friday afternoon led Colorado State Patrol officers to evidence that has nearly closed a Thornton Police Department investigation.
One of the bikes involved in the accident was stolen from a Thornton man Sunday, and the other is suspected to have stolen parts.
Officers responded to the scene after two riders -- traveling together -- crashed on Moffat County Road 7 just entering the Cedar Mountain canyon.
Craig resident Rich Kapferer, 37, slowed his motorcycle as he started into a curve. The second rider, metro-area resident Christopher Dotson, 27, evidently didn't slow and rear-ended Kapferer, according to CSP Trooper Roger Kendall.
Kapferer suffered cuts and bruises. Dotson was taken to The Memorial Hospital where he will be monitored overnight for a concussion, Kendall said.
TMH officials were unavailable to confirm Dotson's condition.
Charges are pending in the case. Kapferer's bike has been impounded while troopers investigate whether it or some of its parts were stolen.
Kendall said, the bike's vehicle identification number was filed off.
Thornton officers are investigating whether Dotson stole the motorcycle he was riding.
According to Kendall, the motorcycle was listed for sale by a Thornton resident, who reported that a man asked to test drive it and didn't return.
The motorcycle owner called police who found the that car the person left behind also was stolen.
"It makes a good story," Kendall said.
He said the riders apparently had no particular destination and were just "out for a ride."

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