Rawli videotapes, video camera found


Lorna Tunks was on her way to work this morning when she heard a voicemail that made her day. The videotapes of her beloved dog, Rawli, and the video camera she lost three weeks ago were found.
"I thought if someone had it this long that I'd never get it back," she said holding back tears.
The morning after the Daily Press published the story of her daughter Emily Tunks, an autistic child whose only videos of her dog, now dead, were lost on County Road 7, Lorna Tunks held the camera and the videos in her hands.
Lorna Tunks called her mother who was watching Emily to share the good news.
Tunks said that Jack Peed had found the camera and videos on County Road 7 and left them at his workplace, Black Mountain Glass, for her to pick up.

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