BOCC, sheriff make the county look bad


To the Editor:

After watching the antics of the sheriff and the commissioners, I just have to groan.
Do these people know how bad they make our county look?
I sat in a meeting a year and a half ago with representatives of all the emergency medical services and the commissioners and afterward we as a group told them why we did not need an EMS director for the county and why their proposed job would be a failure.
T. Wright Dickinson stood yelling and shaking his finger at me and told the group that he/they would hire anyone they wanted for any job they wanted and that we had to live with it.
They hired Karen Burley at a cost of more than $45,000 for one year just to terminate a position because it wasn't needed.
Now the commissioners are on the opposite side of that fence. Maybe you ought to take your own advice and live with it.
Let the kid have the job working at his dad's office, then gripe if he doesn't do the job.
This fight needs to stop now.
If you all have so much time to send e-mails and consult attorneys about this matter. maybe your time could be better spent pulling weeds outside the Public Safety Center.
Jon Ossen

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