Senior Spotlight


I've noticed some birds that I hadn't seen here before. The difference is the weather, perhaps. Anyway, I thought of the sayings that include birds such as "busy as a wren," "my little chickadee," "naked as a jaybird," "watches like a hawk," to name a few.
This past Friday at the Sunset Meadows I potluck, I think some of us felt stuffed like a Christmas goose.
Today, the High Plains Mustang Club will meet at 7 p.m. in the conference room of Sunset Meadows I.
Commodities for Sunset Meadows I and II residents is Wednesday.
Get well and a speedy recovery to Elsie Henry, Sue Thompson, Veda Stone, Maurice Gargnon, Glenda Neff, Ron Reich, Ruth King, Landan Reggera, Diane Dawson, Dan Wood, Jim Ryan and Ellen Nieslanik.
Not much news here.
Call or write, Mary Joe Brown, 633 Ledford, Craig, I would love to hear from y'all. Gotta run like a chicken with its head cut off.

Mary Jo

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