MCHS: Beachman plans to retire with 26 years of service


After 26 years of service to the teachers, staff and students of MCHS, Tom Beachman has decided to take advantage of retirement to enjoy some of his outdoor hobbies and time with his family. Beachman's integrity and his focus on learning will be greatly missed.

He is a person who has a thirst for learning, and he has encouraged students to keep learning and helped teachers to plan quality learning environments.

Teacher Amy Coleman says of Beachman's work at MCHS: "I have never met a man who knew so much about so many things. His mind is like the Dewey decimal system itself. I never need to use a computer; it's much easier and faster to ask Tom where the book or info could be found."

Bonnie Revelle, English teacher and colleague of Beachman's, knows what a treasure will be lost with Beachman's retirement.

"Tom Beachman has created for MCHS one of the best school libraries in the state of Colorado," she said. "He knows more about more things than anybody else I know -- and what he doesn't know about a subject, he can find in a matter of minutes. He has been a tremendous help to me and my students, and I feel lucky to have worked with him for these past 17 years. I will miss him, but I wish him well in his retirement."

Beachman learned to speak Spanish before his teaching career, while he served in the U.S. Army in the jungles of Panama with the 8th Special Forces. Throughout the years, Beachman has used his knowledge of the Spanish language to assist students, parents and teachers.

Beachman has a bachelor's degree from the University of Madrid in Spain and a master's degree in education and library science from the University of New York in Albany.

Within a month of starting work at MCHS, Beachman met his wife-to-be. By spring break, they were married, and seven years later, their son, Brendan, arrived. This week, Brendan will graduate as his father, too, graduates from the halls of MCHS.

"Tom will be sorely missed by the staff and students at MCHS," said fellow educator Brad Moore. "He always went the extra mile to help students and teachers with materials or his knowledge. Whoever takes his place will have to struggle to work as hard as Tom did."

English teacher Sylvia Duncan commended Beachman for running an excellent library. "Tom set the bar high for all of us. He ran the finest school library I have ever had the pleasure of utilizing by keeping an excellent collection of challenging, interesting, and up-to-date materials. His sense of service to our whole learning community was outstanding every day. Through his efforts and professionalism, a world of learning awaits anyone who has the good fortune to walk through the doors of the Moffat County High School library. He leaves big shoes to fill."

When Beachman retired this week, I asked him to write a summary of his career. In it, he wrote that the Beachman family cannot imagine a better outcome of their lives and that they thank all who have contributed to a most excellent life in Moffat County.

On the reverse, Tom, we thank you for the most excellent contributions you've made to Moffat County and Moffat County School District.

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