It's official: Nursing home finally gets a name


The winning entry in the contest to name Craig's new nursing home has been changed after some residents complained that it was misleading.

The name of the nursing home will be "Sandrock Ridge Care and Rehabilitation Center." It has been accepted by state officials who have the final say about the names of licensed facilities.

Local investors who are renovating the home and Homestead Inc., which will operate and manage the home, planned to call it "Sandrock Ridge Lodge."

That name was based on the winning contest entry, "Sandrock Ridge Senior Center," which was submitted by the Nelsons, a Craig family.

Mitch Friedman, who works for Homestead and will manage the nursing home, said "senior center" could not be used because that name designates facilities in a separate licensure category. To give the facility a less-clinical name, Friedman replaced "senior center" with "lodge."

But that sparked controversy among Craig residents, and some called the Nelsons to complain, said Pam Young, the project manager for the local investor, Veldon (Lop) Behrman, who purchased the nursing home.

"The Nelsons got a bunch of calls," Young said. People complained that the name suggested that a stay at a nursing home was a vacation.

The acceptance of the facility's name comes as workers are putting the finishing touches on renovations.

Young anticipates the construction will be finished by the middle of this month. Carpet is being installed. The furniture arrives next week, Young said.

"Then the licensing and certification phase begins," Young said.

A life-safety inspection will take place as early as the end of this month, Young said.

Young and Friedman said the home is on pace for an early fall opening. Although the licensing phase will be time-consuming, Friedman said it's a standard process that he's familiar with.

Young said the community will be invited to visit the home and view the updated facility at a grand opening tentatively scheduled for July.

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