Class of 1984 to reunite

Organizers expect about 40 classmates


Stone-washed jeans were in, break dancing was a national craze and Madonna was emerging as a pop-culture icon in 1984 -- the same year Cheryl Ivy, J.B. Chapman and Glenda Bellio graduated from Moffat County High School.

Twenty years later, the trio is organizing a class reunion and looking forward to seeing how classmates have changed in the ensuing two decades.

"The wildest kid in the class is now a preacher," Chapman said.

Ivy expects about 40 of the 147 graduates to be in attendance, along with about 60 to 80 family members.

The classmate traveling the farthest is from Florida.

Bellio said the most frustrating part about planning the reunion is that the people least likely to show up are the people who live here.

Ivy, Chapman and Bellio are among 20 to 30 classmates still living in Craig.

Chapman said he is in contact with 20 to 25 classmates on a regular basis, but Bellio said she didn't run into as many of them as she would expect. But all agreed that they love raising their children in the same small town they grew up in.

Chapman took over the family business, Chapman Automotive at 310 E. Victory Way, after high school. His wife, Paula, graduated two years after him from Moffat County High School. They are raising their 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son in the same schools they attended, and Chapman couldn't be more content.

"There are a lot of small towns in Colorado, but this one is our niche, our corner of the U.S.," he said. "You see all the glamour and glitz of the big city, and then you see all the baggage that goes along with it and you say, 'I'm OK.'"

Ivy, a dental hygienist, left Craig for about 12 years but moved back with her husband, who graduated from Moffat County High School in 1981. They are raising two sons, ages 15 and 12.

Ivy's favorite high school memory is taking third place in the state volleyball tournament under the coaching of Pete Bergmann, who is the superintendent of the Moffat County School District. She smiled when she remembered all the teachers from her school days who are teaching her children.

Bellio didn't venture far from Craig after high school, either. She said she hasn't found a better place. She is raising her 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter here.

"The biggest complaint about a small town is that everybody knows your business," she said. "But I think it's great that everybody knows your business because they know when your kids are in trouble or your house is being robbed!"

Ivy noted that many of her classmates have had children since the last reunion 10 years ago. "So they probably won't party quite as hard," she said. "But you never know."

The festivities will begin Friday night with cocktails at the Veterans of Foreign Wars, 419 E. Victory Way. A barbecue and picnic are planned for Saturday afternoon at Loudy-Simpson Park, and dinner that evening at Beef and Peppers, 1111 W. Victory Way.

Classmates who want to register or need information can call Cheryl Ivy at 824-3934.

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