Police search for 2 suspects in vandalism


Police are working to identify at least two more suspects thought to have been involved in numerous incidents of vandalism last week.

Alejandro Medrano Jr., 21, was arrested after a short car chase by police. Police are seeking at least two other individuals.

"Two people fled the vehicle and have some involvement in the incident. We're in the process of positively identifying those people," said Craig police Lt. John Forgay, who is investigating the incidents.

Police say Medrano was a passenger in the vehicle that they spotted after witnesses provided a description. After the vehicle stopped, the three occupants ran.

"We're still looking for the driver and the other passenger," Forgay said.

Forgay said the suspects may be juveniles. In that case, they would not be arrested but would be served summonses.

On May 26, vandals smashed windows in 19 cars. One car was tipped on its side, and a house window was broken, as well. Forgay said he's not convinced all of the incidents are part of the same crime spree.

"We're fairly confident the broken windshields are a result of the actions of those people," Forgay said. The vehicle that was tipped over and the vandalized residence may be unrelated, Forgay said.

Medrano was arrested on charges of resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

Forgay said police have leads that should help resolve the case within the week.

"We're proceeding with the investigation and hope to have it wrapped up fairly soon," Forgay said.

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