Deputy gives kudos to teens' no-alcohol party


To the editor,
On May 22, I was working overtime with Investigator Jeremy Ashton on the underage drinking patrol program.
This is a program where officers work at night in a patrol car to look for and try to stop the problem of underage drinkers.
This patrol car is referred to as the MIP (minor in possession) car. The money for this program comes from a grant obtained through Grand Futures Coalition.
Late Saturday night, we received information that there was a large gathering of underage people at a bonfire in the Behrman subdivision west of Craig.
The information came from a Colorado State Patrol trooper, as well as a neighbor in the vicinity of the party.
When Ashton and I responded with deputies Courtland Folks and Dan Burke, we found a gathering of 20 or more young people in a field down in a deep pit.
They had a bonfire and music coming from a truck stereo.
We approached and asked whether there was any alcohol present.
To our amazement, there was not a drop of alcohol anywhere. Layne Behrman, who is the grandson of the property owner Lop Behrman, had hosted an alcohol-free party for his friends.
While we didn't get the names of the others at the party, we did speak with Layne. Many of these people wanted to see how our PBT (portable breath tester) worked, and I showed them.
I firmly believe that this is the first time in my 24 years in law enforcement that I have ever encountered a situation like this where there was no alcohol.
The four of us were amazed. When other deputies from the sheriff's office heard this, they had the same reaction.
While we were there, I took the time to tell all those present how proud we were of them.
Perhaps this means that programs such as DARE, SAPP, MADD and others finally are starting to pay dividends.
Our congratulations to Layne for having the foresight to have this party and giving his friends something to do that kept them safe on a Saturday night. I hope this will rub off on others, and we will start to see this more often.

Sgt. Rick Holford
Moffat County Sheriff's Office

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