Triple Crown starts today


A typical trip to Steamboat Springs was quite different for members of the Tri-County Trojans.

The players on the 12-and-under baseball team made up of Craig, Hayden, Meeker and Steamboat Springs players experienced the opening ceremony for the Triple Crown World Series.

"This is something we would do if we were on the road somewhere so we decided to take them," coach Rich Sadvar said via cell phone before the parade of teams. "The kids are having a blast."

The ceremony included several contests for players like the home run derby as well as a parade. Today the action starts.

The Triple Crown World Series is split into five sessions during the next three weeks. This week the Trojans are competing in the Division 2, 12-and-under tournament. The 16-and-under American Legion team is competing in the Division 1 tournament for its age group.

"We are going to face some serious all-star teams this week," Legion coach Scott Parker said. "We've played good ball this summer so we'll see how we stack up against some of the best in the country."

The Bulldogs' first game starts today at 2:30 in Steamboat Springs against the Missouri Hurricanes.

While this will be the first Triple Crown tournament for the Bulldogs, the Trojans are veterans. This will be their fourth tournament.

"We're playing pretty good ball right now," coach Rich Sadvar said. "But this tournament is stacked, so we'll have to play even better."

Tri-County's first opponent is the Dallas Cyclones. They meet today at 11 a.m. in Craig at Loudy-Simpson, Field 1.

There are 22 teams in the Trojans' bracket and 14 teams in the Bulldogs'. Teams in those two brackets are from as far as west as California and as far east as Georgia.

Next week the 11-and-under Northwest Colorado Lynx and the 10-and-under Cutthroats will make their attempts for World Series glory.

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