Commission candidates should speak up


The race for the Moffat County Commission has been a low-key affair.
There's been no mud-slinging, which is good, but some voters may not really have a grasp of what each candidate stands for.
With the primary a little more than a month away, it's time for the four GOP candidates to begin articulating a vision for the county. Those four will be winnowed down to two Aug. 10. The other candidates, independent Stan Hathhorn and Democrat Terry Carwile, have the advantage of waiting until the general election draws closer before they have to stake out their positions.
We haven't heard anybody's five-point plan for making the county more efficient or a two-year plan for building the county's meager reserves. The candidates seem content trying to convince voters they're nice guys with leadership qualities.
But for Tom Gray and Les Hampton in the District 1 race and Saed Tayyara and Michael Anthony in District 2, it's time to stop the empty rhetoric and get down to brass tacks.
What are they promising to do for us if we give them our vote? Each is going to have to deliver something tangible for voters to hang their hats on.
Much of the campaign has centered on candidates going door to door and handing out campaign literature or showing up at public meetings to introduce themselves to voters.
On Thursday, the GOP candidates will have the opportunity to announce their platforms and provide concrete plans for the future.
The Moffat County Republican Women are hosting a candidates' forum at noon at the Holiday Inn. It's the perfect opportunity for voters to question the candidates about specific issues. It is hoped voters will ask where candidates stand on the hospital controversy or oil and gas development or land-use issues or funding priorities in 2005.
If you can't get to the meeting and the candidates haven't canvassed your neighborhood, maybe it's time to pick up the phone and call them. Find out what you need to know to make an informed decision.

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