'I pray every American will go out and vote'



Guest Columnist

I wonder, as our country's Independence Day came and went, how many moms, dads, grandparents and other adults stopped and not only reflected what this day means to them and other Americans, but also took moment to explain to a child or young person exactly what this holiday is for, and why we celebrate it as a nation.

As I reflect on those rights and freedoms that are guaranteed to us by our nations historical documents and our United States soldiers, I can't help but wonder how many people stop and reflect and rejoice that we have them, because of the sacrifices all our soldiers make.

My husband died trying to help bring some of those rights and freedoms to others. And though there have been those who have said to me that Mark did not die defending America or our freedoms, but those of others; I would like to give all of us a gentle reminder of Sept. 11, 2001. That was a day when others came into our country and tried to defeat us. They buckled us to our knees and shot us through our hearts; but as a nation we joined hands, pulled together, and prayed for others and their loss. We didn't like the feeling of vulnerability they made us experience. We didn't like the feelings of loss and helplessness and grief we felt all across America, but we pulled together to do our part to help. If we do not go out to try and stop the madness of a few, those few will attack again, with the same deadly aim as before.

It is easy for all of us to complain and comment in retrospect of the job our presidents have done, but how many of us have stopped to appreciate how our presidents have to try and make a decision for the good of all. One person can never make a decision for so many and make all of us happy.

But if that president has a strong faith in God, decent human kindness for others, and a genuine loving care for the sorrow and loss of others, possibly he can make those decisions based on the needs of those he has been entrusted to care for.

As we look toward our nation's presidential elections this year, I pray every American will go out to vote. After all, my husband and many, many others, served and are still serving to ensure our way of life.

If it was not for the Americans in this country who are willing to sacrifice time with their families, a portion of their own freedom and, at times, their lives, we would not have the rights we so often take for granted.

As I look toward this year's elections, I remind myself that my right to vote goes beyond "my right." It is my duty and responsibility. If all Americans looked at our elections more as a duty and responsibility than merely as their right; I wonder if more people would take the time to help shape and control our nation's way of life by voting for our president.

Those of you who are tempted to stay home the day of our elections, think for one moment of all those who have served, are serving, have lost a quality of life due to their service of this country and those who gave the ultimate and will never come home. Last but not least, think of my two sons ages 4 and 2, and the hundreds more just like them that will never get to know their parent.

As you step into your polling booth I would ask one more favor of all Americans. Please do not vote in anger. Vote for the person you believe can lead our nation to be strong and independent. Remember, we may not always like all the decisions our leader makes, but he is trying to do what is best for millions of people.

I believe if our president has faith in God, a love for this great nation and its people, at least he will be headed down the right road. I pray God will guide the people of this nation as we go forward into this election year.

Please remember Mark can't vote this year. He can't help decide who will build a stronger better nation for his two boys. Help me in honoring our soldiers by doing our duty and responsibility by voting for the president that will help guide and shape the nation our children will inherit.

Your vote can make a difference. If we all said, "my one vote doesn't make a difference," we would be failing ourselves, our children and our soldiers.

If you are in doubt as to whether you are registered to vote, check into it. All you have to do is call or go down to the county clerk and recorder and ask.

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