National honor students


National honor students

Nine students from the region qualified for induction into the 2003-04 National Honor Roll:

Luis Arce of Baggs, Wyo., Stephanie Brown of Craig, Adam Garcia of Dinosaur, Ashley Hutton of Craig, Alayna Kline of Craig, Florence Martin of Craig, Natosha Moore of Craig, Karlene Prestrud of Baggs, Wyo., and Kelly Renee Rhodes of Rangely.

The National Honor Roll recognizes high-achieving high school and middle school students.

It offers benefits which can contribute to the success of its student members. National Honor Roll has set aside $100,000 to be shared among 100 of its qualifying inductees from the 2003-04 year. All members are entitled to compete for one of these awards which will be presented in September. By taking advantage of National Honor Rolls College Admissions Notification Service, high school inductees can notify the admissions offices of as many schools as they wish that they have been inducted into the National Honor Roll and that they are interested in obtaining information about those colleges. (A copy of the student's biography is sent to the colleges along with the notification.) Each state governor and U.S. Senator receives a complimentary copy of the National Honor Roll Commemorative Edition, along with a list of the students from their state who have been inducted into the National Honor Roll. Complimentary copies also are sent to selected school libraries across the country.

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