A lazy Fourth of July is welcome in Craig


The Fourth of July weekend has arrived in Craig, just as many residents are peeling out of town.

With all-day festivities taken care of by surrounding towns, and the summer sun calling to campers, the mass exodus from Craig this weekend is not an insult to the town, but rather an appreciation of the beautiful outdoors.

Craig native Anna Rippy said her family hasn't been in town for the Fourth of July in years because it's their chance to take advantage of their cabin about 25 miles outside of town.

This year she will leave Friday and stay until at least Monday, maybe longer. She said between 20 to 50 family and friends usually join her at the cabin, including her son and grand-children.

"We go to relax," she said. "Play baseball, horseshoes, maybe cards."

For daytime holiday festivities Craig residents will have to travel out of town, but most of them don't seem too upset.

"We have Memorial Day, the (surrounding towns) have the Fourth," Nadine Daszkiewicz said with a shrug. She owns The Kitchen Shop, which will be closed Monday.

For those who do stay in town, they can enjoy the fire department's fireworks display Sunday night. Aside from that, the long weekend of peace and quiet is welcomed.

Jim Stoddard, owner of Empire Express in downtown Craig, will close his doors mid-Saturday through Monday to enjoy cutting hay at his ranch a few miles outside town.

He said his extended family will join Sunday to view Craig's fireworks in the distance.

"The sun is setting, and you just look over the valley," he said.

Craig police Sgt. Bill Leonard said things usually are pretty quiet during the holiday weekend, but there is always potential for illegal fireworks.

He encouraged residents to enjoy the fire department's fireworks as opposed to setting them off themselves.

Activities are going on this weekend in Craig, though only the fireworks display is directly related to the holiday.

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