"Should the provisions of the Patriot Act, which are set to expire this year, be extended?"


Sherma Ray:
"Of course they should be extended. We don't know when or where we will be attacked again, and we should not get rid of anything that will help us detour those possibilities.
I don't think we should tie the hands of those who can help us all have a safer life. There are people that hate us for just being who we are. America has enemies, and as long as we do we need ALL our resources."

Tami Fager:
"I have been in the banking industry for 16 years. Over the years I have seen a lot of things change. The laws and regulations are multiplying and often seem so confusing to the consumer, as well as the banker.
Nothing is more frustrating than inconveniencing our customers with more paperwork for something that "at the time" seems ridiculous. However, I have to admit that the Patriot Act was put into existence for the protection of every American citizen. The Patriot Act is not difficult to abide by nor does it take up a lot of time. Therefore, I am in favor of it being extended.

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