Put the physical back into play


By Lance Scranton

MCHS Physical Education and English teacher

You see it when you drive down the street. You read about it in just about every paper or magazine. You watch it on television. You hear about it on the radio. Ads for the newest (best) truck or car you should buy? Limited-time discount offers for items you absolutely can't do without? Cashback awards for spending all your money? Super-sized "value" meals? Well, yes, but something more serious, and yet less noticed, is the constant reporting on the state of our physical fitness and well-being across the nation.

We know that many of us eat too much and exercise too little. We are concerned about this issue at the high school. Many of our children come to school to exercise their minds but discount the importance of exercising their bodies. As physical education teachers, we deliver a message each and every day to students regarding the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Through classes such as Physical Education 1 or Aerobics, Physical Education 2 and Health (each required for graduation) on through Physical Education 3 and Weightlifting (optional as electives), students are provided the opportunity to learn about health-related fitness activities from simple jogging and stretching to game strategies or rock climbing. Some activities are definitely more "fun" than others but learning about a healthy and active lifestyle is always the goal.

That an active lifestyle promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being has been proven and documented on many different occasions and is published and reported often. We all know that physical activity invigorates us and helps us feel more energetic. When we're stressed-out and at the end of our rope, stress-busting through exercise is an effective and proven strategy.

Physical education at MCHS attempts to promote an attitude that fitness is fun, important and should be built into our lifestyle. We all enjoy different activities, and the overview nature of the physical education classes offers each student a glimpse into many different lifetime activities. Some of these activities are individual and some team oriented. In each, we hope students learn that physical activity should be an important consideration throughout their lifetime.

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