Convicts have right to get on with their lives


To the Editor:

Recently Jeremy Browning reported on several men convicted for being involved with the distribution of drugs.

I was disappointed to see photographs published. The public has a right to know that law enforcement and the courts dealt with the "outcry" about the problem of the drug trade by reading the detailed article. The persons convicted now have the right to get on with their lives without more embarrassment.

The sentencing should be punishment enough, and as some return to the community, it is time to allow them to try to become better citizens. Casual acquaintances do not need to associate their faces with a past mistake.

Some of these men may have just been ready to begin imagining a better way to be part of the community. Having their past dragged out in front of the public must be very disheartening to them.

I certainly don't excuse anyone for being involved in crime, but I hope we can be a more discreet society after having decided on the punishment.


Michele Thomas,

Steamboat Springs

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