We need to protect our children from bad drivers


To the Editor:

In the last week of picking up my daughter at Craig Intermediate School, I am kind of concerned for the safety our children after school.

People speed, double-park, park in the crosswalk, park on sidewalks and show no respect for our children.

I've contacted the Craig Police Department a few times to complain. No one showed up. The dispatcher told me she couldn't find any patrolmen anywhere. (Well, look up at the high school.) They are more worried about seat belt awards than our little ones.

And can't the people of Craig read?

At the exit on Victory Way between McDonald's and Wendy's, you can't turn left or go straight. Where are the cops? Put a barricade there to stop people from trying to turn or go straight. Or get off the cell phone!

No does anything until someone gets hurt.

E.C. Day


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