Writer hopes Democrats make good showing in 2004


To the Editor:

The question was asked in the Denver Post, "How does the Democratic Party define itself?"

It seems they should have an easy time defining their philosophy today, so contrasting is the backdrop of Republican legislation. Democrats are best described by what they are scrambling to protect in a rampaging Bush administration and they will say whatever we want to hear.

The Democrats fight to retain democracy, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They strive to maintain checks and balances in our three branches of government and fiscal responsibility in our spending.

Democrats fight for environmental integrity, clean air, clean water, sustainable energy policies, fair public reimbursement for and responsible reclamation after the extraction of natural resources.

They seek equal access to quality education, healthy, adequately funded educational systems, fair teaching wages and an educated, truthfully informed public.

Democrats desire a stable world, mutual respect between countries, balance of power, treaties that are honored and the promotion of international humanitarian law.

They struggle for the U.S. to get consumer protections for food, drugs, health, housing, insurance, investments, toys, autos and safeguards from price gouging and media monopoly.

The list goes on, but Democrats aren't afraid to say words like social, financial or environmental justice.

There are many good Democrats. Major media silences the best ones, like Kucinich, but then hopefully any Democrat' will sweep the popular vote again, as in 2000.

Good Republicans, whose diktats are shouted by media they own or control, seem to believe only in profit.

John Hoffmann,

Carbondale, Colo.

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