Girls ready for more than ABCs and diapers


We've got the alphabet down, a good portion of numbers, most of our shapes and the primary colors.

Diapers are pretty much a thing of the past (in one child's case, that is).

So we're ready for our next big life step -- preschool.

At least Katie is. I'm not so sure about me.

What if the other kids are mean to her? What if she's mean to the other kids? Will she miss me?

I asked cousin Isiac if he would take care of her. They'll be going to the same school on some of the same days.

He didn't reassure me.

"James will push her," he said. (James isn't his real name).

I asked him again, "but you'll take care of her, right?"

"James pushes me, too."

Hmmm ... maybe Isiac isn't the best choice. Maybe I need to enlist James as protector.

What are bullies going for these days?

Then again, knowing Katie, she'll push back. She might even push first.

Ohhh ... I'm not so sure about this.

To prepare, I've been spending some time at the McDonald's Playland to see how Katie interacts with others.

So far, I've been impressed.

She tends to latch on to older kids and then boss them around. She got her way with a cute girl -- I'll guess she was about 8 -- by calling her princess.

The girl was wearing a dress, and in Katie's book that's all that qualifies a person for princesshood.

Another day found Katie happily playing with a girl her own age. Unfortunately, Katie and the girl were playing with another little boy's PlayDoh. The girls were great about it (what's not to be great about?). The boy, on the other hand, was appalled that his mother was letting girls touch his stuff.

Since when do 3-year-olds have cooties? If I remember correctly, that affliction doesn't develop until you're at least 7.

Besides, doesn't he know that only boys have cooties?

In any case, Katie behaved splendidly and certainly proved that she's mature enough for the next step.

She's also thrilled about it.

So, today we'll be doing a test run. I'll accompany her for the morning and see how things shake down.

It'll be a good practice run. Her enrollment means some changes in my life, too. Basically, I'm going to have to get organized and energetic.

It means getting up earlier in the morning to make sure Katie gets a good breakfast (something the baby-sitter handles now), get her hair neatly arranged (something that doesn't matter so much at the baby-sitter's), and make sure she and her sister are both dressed and ready to leave the house early enough so that I can get one to the baby-sitter's house, another to preschool and me to work. And, I have to remember which days to do it on.

I'm tired and confused just thinking about it. I can see me mixing that up already.

Best case scenario, I get Katie to preschool, Nikki to the baby-sitter's and then I get to go home and go back to bed.

Yeah, that's likely.

About as likely as Katie deciding she doesn't like preschool and would rather be with mom.

That's not going to happen either.

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