Browbeating commissioners won't fix budget crisis


To the Editor,

The purpose of this letter is not to microscopically evaluate policy and procedures by which the county operates, but to question the motives of the small group of "concerned citizens" who are talking shots at our elected officials more like a lynch mob than educated individuals.

First and foremost I, too, am sick that our county is experiencing financial difficulties and that county employees are ultimately paying the price. I do feel however that publicly crucifying some of the county commissioners is not going to change anything. If this group of people feels so strongly, I wish they would use their energy in a more productive way. As the saying goes "if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."

The attacks from these people on our commissioners seem to have more of a personal agenda than true concern for our county.

I equate running the county like running any business. Except, of course, the county is open to public scrutiny. I am not suggesting that misstakes may not have been made but where were these "experts" then and for years previous? I wish they would have stepped in before it was too late. Evidently they were not paying any more attention than the rest of us. I wonder if these naysayers had their businesses or personal lives open to public scrutiny what kind of critique would they receive from their employees or the community? We, too, might find some activity that would not be flattering to them or their business practices.

Marianna Raftopoulos and Les Hampton are not close, personal friends of mine and don't seem to have all the answers, but what I do know for certain is that these people have children, husbands and wives and that they have put many hours in on this county's behalf and bottom line.

They are human beings and a public lynching is unnecessary and unproductive. Are these critical folks planning on running for office or is the Monday morning quarterback a more comfortable position? Frankly, the kind of individuals who find this an acceptable way of treatment toward others certainly would not be the type of mud slingers I would ever vote into office and according to history, neither would the other residents of Moffat County.

I hope we can work together and make the appropriate changes needed for our county and our commissioners. And remember, people in glass houses ...

Another concerned citizen,

Nancy Sadvar,


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