Veterans fighting against broken promises


To the Editor;

We are tired of getting lip service and treated like a second- or third-class citizens in this country by our own government. The veterans of the United States are forming their own national political party, The Veterans Party of America, to right the many wrongs handed down over the last 130 years.

Veterans need to become a segment of society that this government will recognize as a voting body and not one the government can just take billions of dollars from each year with no recourse because of the second- or third-class citizenry status of the veterans.

To find out more about us and how fast we are growing in your state and in the nation, go to our Web site at www.VeteransParty.US or contact me, E.J. Grayckowski at

Twenty-eight million Veterans, plus their wives and their children, their friends can make a difference in this country. Come and join us in our political call to arms.

E J Grayckowski,

Colorado Springs

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