Commissioners cut services without saving money


To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor by Melinda Gore, "Closure of county courthouse was ill-timed, unneeded."

In a recent Moffat County newsletter the following appeared. "The BOCC have given all county employees Dec. 24 as a paid holiday in place of the annual Christmas party. The BOCC have also given all county employees Jan. 2 as a paid holiday as a thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Moffat County."

In a recent letter to the editor, Les Hampton said that outside interference caused the BOCC to implement a more austere budget that will reduce county services. The BOCC reduced services by two full days, without any help from outside sources. Any reasonable person would conclude that the concession was meant to garner allegiance to the BOCC, which may be facing a recall. Very expensive non-Christmas party wasn't it?

The newsletter made no mention of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Stan Hathhorn

A Concerned Moffat County Taxpayer

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