Talk of the Town


Sherma Ray:
"As far as I can see the county is asking the city for funds that will go to a facility that really benefits the city and county.
The food bank is in this building, and it is used for a great many things. Everybody uses this site, not just people who live in the county outside city limits. While we are at it, let's put the cemetery water bill in the mix. The cemetery seems to be in the city limits, so why is the city balking at donating the water for it?
There was a time that the city was in trouble and went to the county for help, and they received it. Everyone needs help at sometime; there is nothing wrong with working together for the good of all.
To what degree of help would really depend on what kind of extra money the city has that could go toward helping "the people" because that is really what it boils down to isn't it? They either help each other and work together, and "we the people" keep a few things ... or they will continue to oppose each other, and "we the people" will lose.
It doesn't come down to city verses county, it really is the fact that they are all elected officials, so do the right thing for the people that trusted you in these positions.

Tami Fagar:
"If the city wants to contribute to a project or facility that is a community benefit, like the Shadow Mountain Clubhouse, then I think that's great. However, I think in this particular case that it would be a short-term fix. I truly believe that in the future, the citizens of Moffat County who use this facility are going to have to pay. It is always difficult to pay for something when it was once "free."
Unfortunately, if we want to keep the service, we sometimes have to, pay for that service. Very few things in life are free these days and if you appreciate the service then each individual or organization must decide if it's worth a fee to use the facility.

Lisa Balstad:
"Wow, what an intense question. Several items must be considered when answering these questions: First, how have the city and county worked together in the past? Second, have there been times when one entity has had to help the other in the past? And third, what facilities and/or projects are of concern to both the city and the county?
Having lived in the county less than three years, I don't know the history of county/city relations. Obviously, the city does want to see Shadow Mountain Clubhouse remain open as they have preliminarily agreed to contribute $5,000 to the facility. In smaller communities I do think it is more crucial for city and county governing bodies to work together for the betterment of the overall community. How much each entity should help the other is open for debate. However, maybe the best way for the city to approach and/or assist the county when the county is in a budget crisis on a case-by-case basis.
As I mentioned earlier the facilities/projects that are vitally important to both the city and the county should be supported by both the city and the county.
As an optimist, I truly believe that better times are just around the corner for Moffat County and the city of Craig.

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