Reader feels compassion for county commissioners


To the Editor:

I think I might run for County Commissioner!

I think it might be fun!

I'd tell them the things I do if elected; how I'd fix everything if I won!

And then, suppose that I'm successful.

Suppose I capture the seat.

I'd spend lots of time at meetings, and go home feelin' quite beat.

People would say they were in favor of "this." Others would DEMAND to have 'that."

No matter how I voted each time, some folks would call me a rat!

Each decision I made; every cent I spent -- someone would say I was dumb.

People who disagreed with me would write to the Press.

Anyone who agreed with me would be mum!

Once in a while someone would smile,

And say you are doin' all right.

I'd feel a bit better -- then another letter in the local paper that night!

Some folks who don't even live here

Would write and say I'm a crook.

It doesn't sound like much fun after all. I guess I'll stay home with a book!

Jean Tucker,


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