Boy expelled for bringing broken BB gun to school


A Craig Intermediate School student was expelled indefinitely after bringing a broken BB gun to the school grounds in October, school officials have confirmed.

The student did not carry ammunition, Principal Martha Paxton said Thursday. School staff confiscated the BB gun, which the student carried in a backpack, before the gun was brought into the building.

Paxton declined to comment on the student's motive for bringing the BB gun to school, or any other details, saying it was a confidential matter.

Federal law mandates that any student who brings a weapon to school be expelled for as long as one year, Paxton said. The student is not permitted to attend any school in Colorado during the period of expulsion.

It's unclear whether the incident was referred to the District Attorney's office, which declined to comment on the case because it involved a minor child.

Whenever an incident such as this occurs, the school's Violence Risk Assessment Team -- a group of school resource officers, the principal, teachers, social workers, counselors and school psychologists -- perform a background check on the student to investigate any prior incidents and interview any students who saw the gun.

The goal is to determine if the incident was dangerous and if there is probable cause to pursue the case through the legal system.

A re-entry plan will be developed for when the student returns to school. This plan will include expectations for the student, regular check-ins with the principal, and contact with school counselors, Paxton said.

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