Closure of county courthouse was ill-timed, unneeded


To the Editor:

Perhaps I've missed something along the way in county politics, but when did Dec. 26 and Jan. 2 become recognized holidays for county employees?

I called the state and they work on those days unless they take an individual personal day off.

I thought the county had budget problems, or are these considered "screw the taxpayer" holidays? Both Routt County and the City of Craig's offices were open on Jan. 2. I would like to know if were stuck paying holiday pay to those employees who had to work on Jan. 2.

Most of the hard working Moffat County taxpayers had to work those days. If this county was run like a business instead of someone's personal piggy bank, the county would be in better financial shape.

I'm sure if the commissioners respond to this letter, they will put their usual hard-working spin on the answer.

Thank you.

Melinda Gore,


Editor's Note: Moffat County employees were given a paid holiday on Dec. 26 in exchange for not taking a paid holiday on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. County officials offered their employees Jan. 2 off because the county did not host an employee Christmas party this year.

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