Cutting into funeral procession is a clear sign of disrespect


To the Editor:

We live on a corner that is on the route from the mortuary to the cemetery.

I have witnessed many times major disrespect in people cutting into the funeral procession. I find it hard to believe that a person in a truck pulling snowmobiles or a horse trailer or a family car can not find the time to wait or find a alternate route without cutting into a funeral procession.

Pulling over and waiting for the procession to pass is a way to show respect for the families and friends of the deceased. I do hope that when a family member of these rude people passes on, that all who have to get somewhere will stop and show respect for their family and not be as rude as those who bust into a funeral procession.

When you see a line of cars with their lights on, stop and allow those friends and family to honor their deceased.

Bernie Rose,


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