Vehicle fire interrupts


Craig Fire/Rescue extinguished a burning car in a rural subdivision Friday afternoon, kicking off a weekend that turned out to be really quiet, Fire Chief Roy Mason said this morning.

"We didn't have any calls except for that one," Mason said. "That's pretty nice to hear."

Friday's fire called half the department, or one battalion, to an address in Western Knolls west of Craig.

"When I got there, (the vehicle) was smoking pretty good," Mason said. "The windows were all black."

The resident told the fire department that he got home from work and saw smoke in the interior of a Chevy Blazer. The vehicle had broken down the previous night, and had been towed.

The fire was smoldering in the interior of the vehicle. Mason said he couldn't even see inside. Small flames were visible at the tops of the windows, Mason said.

Finally one of the windows broke, the fire got the air it was craving, and the vehicle became "fully engulfed," Mason said.

No one was injured and no other structures were threatened by the fire, Mason said.

The homeowner told the fire department he was concerned about a nearby propane tank, but Mason said the tank was never in danger. Sometimes, firefighters will set up a water stream between a fuel tank and the fire, but Mason said the car fire didn't get hot enough to threaten the tank, which was more than 40 feet away.

One engine responded to the scene.

Mason said the vehicle was a "total loss."

"We deemed the cause was an electrical short in a wiring harness," Mason said.

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